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Waterfox - The 64bit Version Of Firefox

If you are a Firefox user you will love this post. Why? because it introduces the new and speedy 64bit version of Firefox. It's called Waterfox. Going from 32bit Firefox to 64bit Waterfox is an option that you should consider specially if you have a 64bit system.

Why Using 64bit ?

A big portion of computers these days have the ability of running 64bit operating systems and application. 64bit operating systems enables you to use more than 3.25 GB of RAM which can increase the performance of your system. 64bit also improves memory management. A 64bit system has the ability of running 32bit applications but in that case you won't get the benefits that 64bit software can provide.

Downloading & Installing

Click Here to visit Waterfox website and download the latest version from their download page. After downloading the latest version of Waterfox don't start the installation because you need to install these apps first.

1- Download and install Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64) if necessary by clicking Here.
2- Install 64bit version of plugins if not already done. The most 3 important plugins that you should consider installing their 64bit version are: Flash Player - Java - Silverlight (Click on each one of these apps to navigate to each one's download page)

Now you are ready to install Waterfox, double-click the setup you already downloaded, make it as your default browser if you choose to. Enjoy downloading Add-ons which can make your surfing very easy and comfortable, Enjoy

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