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Recover Your Dial-Up Connection's Username & Password

Geek Tutor ,

Although it does not happen very often, loosing or forgetting your dial-up connection's username or password is a problem that you might face which can make you nervous if you can't get in touch with the person who knows the correct username and password but don't forget that your computer stores the combination of username and password once you entered it the first time, you just need to find a way to tell the computer to display them for you this tutorial will help do that.

1- In this tutorial you will use a program called Dial-Up Pass
2- To download the application just click Here
3- Once the download process is finished double-click on the program
4- Here it is, every combination of username and password for every dial-up connection is displayed in front of you, all you have to do is save them as a precaution for the next time you forget it
5- We are using the 2.45 version of Dial-Up Pass because it is tested.
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