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Send A Secure & Encrypted Email

Geek Tutor ,

Ever had to send a message to someone that contains sensitive information and were afraid that it may end up in the wrong hands, well everyone has experienced this problem. In this tutorial we will introduce an email provider that gives you the option of securing and encrypting your message so you don't feel paranoid anymore.

1- Go to

2- First you need to sign up for free email

3- Now you need to fill with the appropriate information such as email address, passphrase ... A very important step is to enable Java because random data will collected based on the movement of your mouse to further protect your security. When you finish click Create ****** now

4- If everything went well you should see the below message

5- Click To Sign in now, click here

6- Now enter your full hushmail address (it should be their at this step) and click Sign In >>

7- The above message should appear now telling you that the hush encryption engine may take up to 3 minutes to install software for hush communications. Wait for it to finish and you will notice the below message

8- Now enter your passphrase and click Authenticate

9- To create a new message click Compose

10- Enter the email of your friend(s) and type your message in the blank field, when done with your message click on Message Options

11- Now be sure to check Encrypt Message, the others are optional. Now enter a security question and fill in with its answer. Only people who knows the answer to your secret question can read you message.

12- As shown above you can attach any kind of documents to your message with a limit for your total message of 25 MB

13- Click Send, your secure and encrypted message will be delivered to your friends

14- Enjoy secure emailing :)
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