How to Make Firefox Load Faster

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Many advanced users prefer to use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome and many other browsers but a huge number of Firefox users complain about the time that Firefox takes to load. This tutorial will help load your Firefox faster then before so follow me step-by-step and enjoy the difference when you finish.

1- Download UPX Here
2- Unzip it into your firefox installation folder (Usually it is: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox or C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox if you are a 64bit user)
3- Make sure firefox is not running
4- Open Command Prompt (click Start > type " cmd ")
5- Type this as a single line command and press Enter when you finish

for %v in (*.exe *.dll components\*.dll plugins\*.dll) do upx "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\%v"

6- If later you want to unpack the files just type in the command above but add the decompression switch " -d " after " do upx
7- Enjoy the difference.

Note: This method slash Firefox's slow load time by compressing the DLLs and executables. There are many choices for compression but I suggest you use UPX which is free efficient and time proven

This won't work for Waterfox the 64bit version of Firefox !!
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