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How To Send Self-Destructing Messages

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Every kid watching spy shows dreams about self-destructing messages that will disappear forever. So how about sending a message to your friend without anyone else ever being able to see afterwards. Yes everything is possible when having the internet at your disposal. This tutorial will show you how you can send a message that can self-destruct or self-delete after a specific amount of time which you can specify. Also you have the option of password-protect your message & prevent anyone from copying it here's how

1- Go to

2- Once you open the website you are ready to begin typing your message

3- After typing your top secret message click on Options

4- First choose how your message will be displayed. You are given 3 options: Plain Text, Short Phrases and Spyglass, if you choose Plain Text anyone would be able to copy your message but if you choose Short Phrases or Spyglass your message won't get copied. Now make sure to check the box next to Timer when note is opened and set the time that will indicate after how many seconds the message will self-delete after been opened. For the last option you can choose to password protect your message (if you are paranoid)

5- After finishing setting up your message click Send

6- Now copy the link generated by clicking on COPY LINK

7- Voila! now you are ready to send your message. Sign in to your mail and send the link to your friend.

8- Once your friend receives the mail and open your message by clicking on the link the timer will start automatically. When the timer reaches the number of seconds you chose earlier the message will self-destruct and vanish forever. If you set a password for your message the timer won't start until your friend enters the password and opens your message.

9- Registering to the website is optional

Your childhood dream just came true yyyyyeessssss :)
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